Our Apartment

For those of you who have asked about our apartment:

This shows you the outside of our building, from down the street, with our apartment circled.

Looking across the pool towards our building, from inside the condo complex.

Looking down from the living room, you can see the pool, and one of the two tennis courts in the complex.  (Of course, neither of us plays tennis!)

Looking out the window, we can see the Tiong Bahru Plaza across the way.  The nearest entrance to Tiong Bahru station of the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT), can be seen cutting off the corner of the construction site across the road (white roof in little green triangle at corner). The MRT, by the way, reaches more of Singapore than the subway does of Toronto!

Inside.  (And no, we don't have a maid.)

Our livingroom / dining room. (No, really!  Even though it's actually tidy in this shot, both Chris and I do live here.  I know that's hard to believe, for those of you that were familiar with his Toronto or London residences, or my Ottawa apartment.)

A more lived-in look.  Enjoyment of food is mandatory if you live in Singapore!


Stove.  Most Singaporean households have only a gas range, and an electric rice cooker.  We have a combination microwave/convection oven, which Chris insisted on when he moved in.  It takes up a fair bit of counter space (microwave stands are not known here, and we have yet to improvise).  It does however work very well - as long as you don't try to bake two loaves of bread at once.

The maid's quarters/laundry are what we get asked most about by people at home, so here you go.  This is looking from the kitchen doorway along the hall.  The "maid's room" is the doorway on the left.  It has louver windows, and an accordion door.  There is a grid on the right (which you cannot see) ensuring no one drops the 18 storeys to the ground.  In the background is the "maid's bathroom".  The shower is where the hand basin is.  I should add that there is a door around the corner at the back, by the washer, to which the maid may be given the key.  The kitchen door, where I am standing, can be locked, and has a separate key.  This means that the maid may be prevented from accessing the rest of the flat, if the owner so chooses.

When I stand in the maid's room with my arms outstretched, fingers touching one wall, my other hand is about 3 inches short of the far wall. (And this is the long way! I can easily reach from the door to the back wall.)

Toilet facility in maid's bathroom.