The Republic of Singapore is an island nation of Southeast Asia, and lies just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.  It consists of a diamond-shaped main island and almost 60 small islets. The main island, which is connected by a causeway to Malaysia, measures about 42 kilometres (26 miles) from east to west and about 23 kilometres (14 miles) from north to south: 618 square kilometres (239 square miles). (Or, about the size of Metro Toronto.)

Singapore is an urban, modern metropolis, which enjoys the second highest standard of living in Asia, behind only Japan.  Unemployment and crime rates are low, and the city lacks the slums, child workers and bribery many expect in Southeast Asia.  Singapore is clean and green, and deserves its self-proclaimed title of "Garden City of Asia".

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(Map adapted from New Asia tourism site, commentary adapted from Singapore Handbook by Carl Parkes published by Moon Travel Handbooks.)