Our Wedding

As anyone looking at our website will likely know, we travelled home to Canada in September, and were married on Oct. 2nd.  We had a very good day, in spite of  the rain, which made things a bit tricky, and resulted in use of the backup photo plan (hotel atrium instead of under trees in autumnal glory).  Little Adrianna (age 15 months) was the hit of the party, dancing in her diaper, clutching Tinky Winky.  Everyone seems to have had a good time, and we eventually caught up on the sleep all the wedding planning and events deprived us of!

To all of you who were able to join us, another big thank you for being there for us.  To those we were unable to include, or who were unable to make it, we hope you enjoy having a look at the photos.

We don't have many digital shots, mostly because we failed to elect and train anyone to take shots for us with our camera.  (We did end up with Chris's brother Pete taking shots at the reception, but unfortunately, we didn't give him any operating instructions, and the camera ended up switched to "manual mode" -- with the result we lost all but one of Pete's shots!)  We will probably arrange to scan in some of the other photos, once we get them.

Some of the friends and relatives who were at the bridal shower held for me on Sept 18th.  In this photo you can almost see (l-r): Tamara MacKinnon's legs, Kathy Aubrey, Gayle Nicholson, Cathy Milne, Ellen Brake, Molly Wood, Terry Alexander, Wendy Westhead, Clara Westhead, me, and Kenzia MacKinnon's legs!


With my parents, Elroy & Margo MacKinnon, and my sister Kenzia MacKinnon, before heading to the church.

  Well, here we are, half-blinded by repeated flashes.  Chris started to complain he felt like a posable action figure.

With my sister Kenzia, my Maid of Honour, and John MacMillan, Chris's Best Man.  (Not the greatest shot, unfortunately.  The backlighting resulted in lots of very dark shots.)

Ann and Harry Rotherforth, Chris's parents.

  Chris and John, blinded by the lights.

John fulfilling Best Man's role of providing Groom with refreshment.  (l-r Kenzia, Chris with flask, John, Karen Hoogsteen)

My friends Helen Thorpe and Debbie Murphy were our official photographers.  I had to get at least one photo of them, in relatiation for all the flashes and ordering about they were doing.  Hiding behind them is Chris's brother Pete, busy keeping from getting trampled by the mad photographers.

The only reception shot that survived the lack of operating instructions was this one of Neil Hyman and Josette Joseph.  They should look a lot more tired, given all the dancing they were doing!

And after a few mad days of sorting things out, and visiting with family and friends, we had to pack for our trip home.  Chris is seen here among the carnage in my parent's living room.